Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Category Pages

There are new pages being added to this blog.  You can find them on the upper left corner of this page, under the Home Page link.  These will be categorized by ways that you can Get Paid.  Under each page will be links to various different sites.

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I am always open to exchanging links instead of paid advertising, as well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Welcome to Linda's Get Paid To blog.  This blog will inform you of various different online sites that offer you the opportunity to make money by doing various different tasks. Some of these places you can cash out for real money via paypal or check.  Others allow you to cash out for gift cards, electronics and various different items.  

These are all legitmate sites that either myself or my friends belong to.  If you have a site you would like to suggest, you can post a link, but please note that the link will only go to me, as this blog is moderated.  It is not open for spamming.  There is no guarantee that I will sign up, as I honestly do not have the time to sign up for every site that is out there, but I will certainly take a look - you never know, it might interest me :)

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